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Boruto 19 Manga Release - Boruto and the gang arrive at the advanced technology research institute in Ryūtan City and surprise surprise it's Sumire, who is following in her scientist father's footsteps. You'd think after 6 years she would stop wearing that dress, and instead wear something cool like her attire from Nue's attack on Konoha. New characters, new weapons and a new mission. How'd did everyone enjoy the chapter and ideas on where the other academy students are in the world? It's just, just Too much Technology. I mean, when are we gonna see robot edo versions of the old ninjas now?I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen soon enough. Atleast I hope the vessel isn't something like that. The question itself is, why are they improving so much now? At the time of peace?I mean, Ninja's barely get to use their abilities, to improve and now we have this? I mean, I know that I said in my previous posts that Naruto and Sasuke will probably be even matched by these technology stuff.But couldn't they have just that genetic stuff? Like Oros experiments.Improving Ninjas with the cells gained from the old war ninjas and giving out new abilities with freaking looks.The CM and all was fun. I truelly wonder if the rise of Kara was due to this advancement in technology, maybe they were of people who respected the old ways? Yeah, Kawaki guy did say that he wanted the end of the shinobi.But couldn't it have been due to the newer ways of the Shinobis? I mean couldn't they just be people who hate how technology took over their ancient traditional Ninjutsu? And finally, I guess I was right about the manga slowly showing the anime as mentions and probably flashbacks. I guess now Boruto knows that he has an eye. And I guess, like I said, he might have forgotten or just ignored it as a mistake or him just imagining things out.I guess we can expect the next chapter to have a fight or something, with Boruto eventually having the need of using the technology or in a twist, realizing that he shouldn't rely on it much. Who cares which now.

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