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The Boruto 39 chapter discussion! The good news is that Jigen’s body has a limit. Even though he was able to defeat our powerful heroes, I was happy to see fighting them wasn’t easy for Jigen. Also, while some fans might not agree, I do think Jigen’s extraordinary strength makes sense. If we go back to the Naruto manga, Sasuke and Naruto weren’t able to defeat Kaguya. They were only able to seal her away – and that, too, with help from Sakura, Kakashi, and Obito. With Jigen’s body being a vessel for Isshiki Ōtsutsuki (who’s likely Kaguya’s partner), it made sense (at least to me) that Naruto and Sasuke couldn’t win such a battle on their own. Things might have turned out differently if Sakura, Kakashi, Shikamaru, or the rest of the Kages were present to offer some sort of assistance. As far Jigen sealing Naruto away, that makes sense, too. The Naruto franchise has always been about sealing powerful opponents away, especially if killing or redeeming them isn’t an option. Jigen was aware of Naruto’s strength and trapping the Seventh Hokage in a container made strategic sense. It’ll be interesting to see the rest of the heroes trying to figure out a plan to rescue Naruto as well as defeat Jigen. Sasuke’s going to be an emotional mess because he had to leave Naruto to fight another day. I liked how he was able to teleport next to Sakura. I’m not sure, but I think he was able to pinpoint her location because of the wedding ring he gave to her during the events of the Sasuke Retsuden novel. Talking about Sakura, why the heck wasn’t she already at Naruto’s house? We know she was with Ino when Jigen attacked. When Naruto was teleported away, Sakura should have dashed toward his house as soon as possible. Also, why wasn’t the village’s police force at the residence already? Did Ino just tell them all to not worry even after her telepathic contact with the Hokage broke? Seeing everyone be chill about Naruto being teleported away from the village by a mysterious enemy made no sense to me. At least Salad decided to go to Naruto’s house. We got to see Kawaki’s prosthetic arm (powered by Naruto’s chakra) fall on the ground. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I think Kawaki will be sharing more information about Jigen and what the Kara organization wants to do. I think Kashin Koji will play a role as well. And I’m going to say this right now, I understand there are fans who ship Salad and Boruto. But, in my opinion, I think Salad and Kawaki are going to end up being romantically involved. She might even be one of the reasons Kawaki comes back to the good side after he turns evil.

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The new boruto chapter 39 manga is coming, the latest boruto 39 manga chapter will be available as soon as they are released by boruto 39. A new generation of ninja are ready to take the stage! The epic ninja adventure that became a global phenomenon! I feel like either jigen kidnaps kawaki now or konoha officials feel like they have to let him go since he can just teleport where kawaki is anyway. I just wonder what's gonna be really stopping isshiki from just taking over now that naruto is gone. It seems as if he thinks boruto is a threat so why not just go and kill him off especially since we have a time-skip coming up. What even is the purpose of kara if isshiki/jigen is this powerful, sucking all the chakra out of earth? So many questions but man naruto being out of the picture was the best thing for this series going forward.
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Jigen is not the villain, he is just a vessel used by a new ōtsutsuki called isshiki. Isshiki already thinks jigen is not compatible to be his vessel and is badly in need of kawaki's body. It has now also being obvious that isshiki will take kawaki's body as his vessel eventually and destroy konoha from the flashforward in the beginning of series. Naruto has been sealed, there is a probability we might not be able to see him again. Why because that might be the place kawaki was talking about in the flashforward "Where seventh hokage is. New hokage might be appointed in konoha. Most probably shikamaru or konohamaru, or maybe even again kakashi might be appointed in the name of sixth hokage. Sakura will heal sasuke and probably sasuke, alongside sakura and some other ninjas kakashi, ino, sai or konohamaru will reach naruto's dimension to rescue him, but I guess it will be a failure. Meanwhile kashin koji's main motives and identity is still yet to be revealed. Boruto needs to have a role. Probably kashin koji will kidnap him, and sarada, kawaki, mitsuki, inojin and shikadai will set to rescue him unknowingly.