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Boruto 26 Manga Release - I can't believe kawaki's this strong even while fatigued. At this point, kawaki's probably jonin plus or kage level with the seal activated. So it terns out that kawaki's a modified human, that explains why he's so strong for his age. Kashin koji and delta are definitely not to be underrestimated. The seal is pretty powerfull too. As it's destructive force is nothing to laugh at. I'm so hyped for the upcoming chapter, and I'm definitely looking forward to the interaction of kawaki and naruto. ! So kawaki is synthetic-ly modified. Who is this "Genius"? Or maybe "These"? Karma seal is basically like momoshiki's rinnegan? Absorbing the just and then used it back and make it stronger. If we still stick to our theory, boruto's and kawaki's karma seal is the same kind? Came from momoshiki? But how? So confusing but still interesting chapter. He realization really sunk in that none of these characters are actual shinobi, apart from the konoha bunch. That's a really cool dynamic, and in a world where luxuries cause the demand for shinobi to go down, less and less characters will turn out to be shinobi. It makes kawaki's statement at the time skip that much more chillingly true. "The age of shinobi is over" we have had shinobi, samurai, and it seems that there is a new, completely different breed of character that sees chakra in a totally different way than previous human cultures established in the series.

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Boruto 26 Spoilers Are Out!!! but you should be able to read Boruto Chapter 26 Manga for free online soon. SCENE 1: Why does Jigen give me Orochimaru-esque vibes!? Thick tubing is dipped into these open vases. We see faceless and naked guys suspended in what looks like IV-bags. There’s three ports on the bottom of their liquid bags. About a dozen body bags are hanging from the ceiling thingy! They’re hanging from the ceiling like a strange jellyfish chandelier (?) Kiddie-Kawaki is following Jigen closely from behind. He looks up and sees all the bodies. Amado (kinda looks like Steve Jobs with rectangular thick-framed glasses?) asks if the kid is the last one of them. Jigen asks Amado to do him the favour. Jigen kneels down beside kiddie-Kawaki and holds his left hand. Jigen calls Kawaki “One of my own precious children”, and that Kawaki won’t be “empty” anymore if their relationship progresses into one of a real parent-and-child. (IS THIS NOT CREEPY?!) If they do become like that, Jigen will even give Kawaki a special present! Jigen already has that suspicious diamond mark on his chin, BTW. One vase starts to crack. It explodes. Watch out for the boruto chapter 26 Spoilers. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming boruto 26 Spoilers.
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SCENE 2: Hospital Wing (PG 8) Kawaki wakes back up in present day. Half naked and bandaged on his right shoulder. Shikamaru, Konohamaru, and Naruto are standing at the foot of his bed. Naruto tells Kawaki to relax. He’s in a safe place. Of course, Kawaki tries to make a break for it through the window. But Shikamaru paralyses him while Kawaki’s got one foot on the ledge. Naruto introduces himself to Kawaki as the Hokage. Kawaki is back in the hospital bed.