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Boruto Naruto Next Generation 28 Manga Spoiler - Well we know Karma absorbs any ninjutsu as we've seen from boruto and kawaki. They need a vessel but for what? Jigen has the karma seal and the other members probably have the karma seal. They want Kawaki in konaha to see what happens. Maybe they want kawaki to absorb the nine tails from naruto or the six paths power from him. I'm starting to think that Karma are just a bunch of artificial humans with cyborg enhancements. They want to become gods. Kawaki had a lot of different motives than Sasuke. Boruto don't really care that much for Kawaki and feel as if he's a freeloader getting over. They are not the same age and don't share a similar background. Kawaki wants to remove Karma and feel that Boruto can help him since he possess it too. Who knows Kawaki can actually be working with Jigen and this is all going as planned when it comes to killing Naruto and Boruto.

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Read Boruto chapter 28 online No download or registration required at BorutoManga. What do you think that is going to happen in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations next chapter? Share with us your thoughts and predictions for the chapter 28 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga. It was revealed that Kawaki was experimented on to receive the mark of Karma that Jigen was trying to impose on him. This made him the vessel that Kara has been chasing since a few chapters ago. Unfortunately for him, Boruto rejected his proposal to work together until he replaced the vase that he broke. That’s why in “Boruto” Chapter 28, the two might be forced to do some ninja missions together.
With Boruto still hung up on the vase that Himari made and which Kawaki broke, the branded youth will have to replace it to begin to achieve his objective. With no money and Naruto telling him that he will not allow theft, there is only one route left for Kawaki. “Boruto” Chapter 28 will likely show Konoha’s Hokage showing the vessel how he can earn money by working as a ninja for the village.
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This proposal will more than likely face fierce opposition from others, but not more so than Boruto himself. After all, Kawaki is a dangerous individual who is being chased by a criminal group composed of powerful enemies. Then again, these are the same people who allowed a clone of Orochimaru to work as a ninja. Why wouldn’t “Boruto” Chapter 28 see Kawaki work as a temporary genin? “Boruto” Chapter 28 will be released on Oct. 22, a month after the previous chapter. While fans can simply read the scanlations available on the web, it’s highly advised to use the services of sites like Viz instead. They can buy volumes of the manga, which would help the industry, as a whole.