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Boruto 18 Manga Release - I really like the direction the story is heading. There are some serious potential with the development between Ao and Boruto. Boruto was in a terrible mood but in a single chapter Ao made Boruto change of heart come off as completely natural and presented it in a amazing way as if he looked up to him. At the same time he made us the reader that Boruto is such a innocent and good natured kid who has no hardship and his attachment to Ao is clearly setting us up to feel as betrayed as Boruto will feel once he betrays him or viceversa. If Ao was apart of the Hyuga incident that the Byakugan he happened to stole was from Hinata mother, then this would be a bigger bonus because this will gain weight on Boruto Shoulder and he will probably lashes out. Maybe this is why Sarada and Mitsuki was ordered to look after him which tells me that this arc is setting up to be something dark, Boruto seal will grow even bigger. I don't think the Byakugan has anything to do with Ao using powerful Genjutsu. Anyone can use powerful Genjutsu without a Dojutsu. Sharringan just makes it even more powerful. I think Ao just figured the true potential of byakugan, maybe by himself or by someone in kara. Or even he uses normal genjutsu technique even though it is unlikely because the genjutsu seems really strong. So much informations we can get. Ao has been lived for 16 years since the war.

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Read Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 18 Chapter English Subbed In HD Quality online. Konohamaru is gonna fight the vessel. Ao is the "Outer" that was sent to check the ship. I could be wrong and the outer is already with konohamaru I get the feeling that the random boot-kun teases would be weird if it wasn't the "Vessel". Somehow I think team kara are going to meet up with konohamaru while on the mission. Boruto chapter 18 can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date.
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I wonder, is it really that surprising that ao is working against the leaf for kara after danzo had fu almost kill him using an elaborate mind-body switch suicide due to him having byakugan and outing danzo for using shisui's genjutsu on mifune. Granted he never died, but he probably harbored a lot of hate and mistrust towards the leaf after that incident, I mean the leaf already had all the ocular kekkai genkai, his move just made the leaf look greedy and power hungry. The event I described was after danzo had almost manipulated the forum moderator into making himself the leader or the alliance using shisui's eye. I'm thinking this whole incident may have been used to manipulate ao into joining and working for kara, who may have promised him some justice against the leaf for their wrongdoings. Did they have an agent present during the meeting. It's a shame he never got to meet many of the good shinobi, just a short time in the presence of the "Darkness of shinobi" resulted in this. Even in death danzo still manages to influence the events of boruto.