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The Boruto 51 chapter - Im still very scared for sasuke tho, all those indicators he is going down are not making me feel good. The battle is heating up tho, next one should be good as well. At first I thought boruto would be kept alive because he is momoshiki's vessel but I guess there is more to it we are yet to find out. Guys have a very strong opponent so naruto and sasuke are doing what they can, the fact that boruto is the key makes it so much more exciting and makes it possible that they are boruto and kawaki at the center of the narrative now. So all in the norm we hope that naruto and sasuke try to find some plan to defeat him, however, let's remember that boruto has momoshiki on his side so they can defeat him. I think the reason why everyone is disappointed with the fight so far isn't because naruto and sasuke aren't using their modes, it's because they aren't using jutsu that we know for a fact can be useful and also jutsu that we know they can use. Sasuke is not using any of his unique rinnegan abilities other than amenotejikara and he's simply snubbing away useful jutsu like shinra tensei and bansho tenin. Naruto is in the same token not using more useful versions of taijutsu like frog kata that could catch isshiki off-guard. They more or less feel a bit nerfed than their usual self to showcase just how strong isshiki is. On one hand I think that's good because in order to compensate for naruto and sasuke being mega overpowered, we have to make isshiki even more op right? But if we do that, we'd run into the same problem with madara where kishimoto made him way too strong so he had to use kaguya to get rid of him. But on the other hand, simply nerfing naruto and sasuke is leading us into the predicament where we are now, where it feels like they are holding back and using everything in their arsenal. Maybe it's just me, but I personally feel like the fight itself is fine. It's just the power scaling that seems to be off-balance right now. Naruto and sasuke are stronger than what they are showcasing.

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Start reading boruto 51 in this boruto manga blog. I don't understand what are you guys saying with naruto sasuke being nefted. I think they are not. First, if you recalled kaguya and momoshiki, they didn't show any strategy at all, they just a huge mass of power. In other words, they hadn't updated they gene with human fighting style. Narususu didn't kill kaguya, they only sealed her with the help of kakashi+sakura+obito to bring back sasuke and of homogoro. And in the fight with momoshiki, he said that he can see someone else's fate, I doubt that he already saw boruto's fate to bear his karma so he just followed that plan. This jigen not only has more raw power than kaguya, his technique is more troublesome, and he's been learning fighting style and strategy on earth for god knows how long. So of course, naruto and sasuke has no chance to win. Second, when you know that you have no chance to win and you know the enemy only has limited amount of time, your best strategy is to buy time and I think that's what naruto and sasuke wanted to do here. As I see, this chapter showed just that, they don't throw full power at jige sasuke didn't even use mangeko sharingan and naruto only used normal rasengan. Of course, its also always ninja way that they want to know the opponent's full power/skills before they go all in. That's my two cents, what do you guys think? This is boruto 51 manga chapter scans online. Boruto 51 chapter can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date.
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We saw kawaki get taken by jigen as a young boy and immediately getting karma forced on him. Now kawaki is undeniably older, around boruto's age. It's clear that boruto's otsutsuki transformation is advancing quite fast so how come kawaki isn't at 100% by now. If he were isshiki wouldn't get surprised when kawaki defended naruto inside his house. My only possible explanation is that boruto strongly inherited otsutsuki power so he has a higher base compatability with momoshiki. Also what's the point in isshiki following clan orders here. Let's take kaguya as an example: she is right now the biggest case of clan betrayal we know of. She assaulted a fellow clan member. Yet it took thousands of years to send some1 to punish her. Further it seems like the otsusuki can not communicate with their clan at least from earth. If they could I am sure that isshiki would have reported the assault immediately. So what is stopping him from killing boruto to reach bis goal? Also why did isshiki suddenly stop throwing shrinked rods? Easy way to deal lethal damage.