Start reading boruto 9 in this borutomanga blog. This is boruto 8 manga chapter scans online. Boruto 9 chapter can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date. The chapter did a much better job establishing momoshiki as an actual threat than the movie did. Also helps that his transformation's design is way better than the red oni form we got in the film. On a side note, a little sad that momoshiki's other techniques the giant fire bird, flaming rocks, mountain sandwich, etc. Got cut, since it means we'll probably never get official names for them. Momshiki took all the kage down in an instant, when they were having real issues with them prior. Boom. Forced naruto and sasuke to get serious, and it was pretty cool to watch. The part with momoshiki taking down the 4 kage with ease was surely the most impressive. He surely seems to be even more powerful in the manga than in the movie, which is quite fitting for the character like him. I can't say the movie's oni design wasn't that bad, it still makes sence (since it techinically gave momoshiki the ogre-like traits the absorbed kinshiki posssesed), but this manga design is just too cool. As for the next chapter, I hope the author will recall the novel version of the movie when writing it because there's a pretty interesting moment with boruto's parent and child rasengan I'd want to see.

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Boruto 9 Manga Release - I like how badass naruto was in the hand to hand combat part, but sasuke didn't do much and he definitely didn't need naruto to rescue him when he could have just done the same thing naruto did with susanoo. It's kinda unfortunate how the taijutsu part was so short as well. I really hope that one of these days, they ressurect naruto's frog kata. The way momoshiki got through gaara's sand shield made no sense to me honestly, not unless he is faster than amaterasu's speed though, why after he captured gaara with his hair. Why didn't sand guard against his kick? Thats the weird part. Sasuke was much much faster than naruto. Naruto with sage mode or/and chakra mode is equal in speed to sasuke. Only naruto in those modes using body flicker is faster than sasuke. So sasuke matching naruto's speed is not an error or plothole or anything, it's a fact, since naruto started out as the slower one and only thanks to those modes caught up to sasuke's speed.

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