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Boruto 10 (HOT)
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Boruto 10 Manga Release - Finally after 9 dreadful months of adaptation chapters, boruto will truly begin! Ikemoto illustrates this chapter beautifully and in a clean matter matches the awesome quality that the movie gave us. Doing it the same justice. Moving on, boruto does the final strike eliminating momoshiki and the chapter ends with sasuke acknowledging boruto and comparing boruto to naruto, signifying that the spirit of a shinobi does stay the same no matter how hard it may seem to be different. At the end of the chapter we get a notification from the author himself saying that boruto will be entering a new arc in chapter 10 next month in february. Now I will be doing a prediction article on that with some good background information, so stay tuned for that! It would’ve been good to get the ending of the movie as well, that way we can go straight into the new arc, but sadly we will have to recap the ending of the movie in the chapter as well as enter the new arc with new content!

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