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Boruto 23 Manga Release - Next chapter kashin koji will probably dominate maybe konohamaru will summon his frog. And we can have them interact maybe find out if they are from the same place or there are other area with frogs. Also wonder how long it will take kashin to notice the mark on boruto. Wonder if it will be like last time when he was fight the big dude and it spread. Maybe boruto has to run out of chakra be fore it expands. Maybe will finally see what it can actually do. What’s it power. I think the next chapter could go a couple of ways, but I'd like to see at least 3 things: 1) boruto's seal awakens, 2) sarada acquires her second tomoe, and 3) konohamaru summons a giant toad/mitsuki uses partial-st to try and protect boruto from koji. Furthermore, I think the time has come to get ao's backstory, why he joined kara etc. That boiler toad looks like a biomechanical lifeform. It's more like that kashin took collected toad blood and tissue from battlefields were they were wounded and grew his own that was scientifically inhanced. Remember, kabuto created the genetically enhanced manda 2 from the remains of the first that was totally loyal to him, so kara doong that same may be a given. Kara may have be taking everything the akatsuki, orochimaru, and kabuto has done, along with any technology development stolen or developed by other members to mass-produced legions of summonable living super weapons for a potential multinational campaign in the foreseeable future! Sidenote: the boruto manga author ukyo kodachi wrote the tatsunoko pro anniversary manga infini-t force staring ken the eagle, leader of science ninja team gatchaman!

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