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Boruto 13 Manga Release - I think it makes the manga a little darker than the flashy anime. I like the darker atmosphere of the manga more. Also, I think there is way too much unneccessary stuff happening in the anime that I don't really care about. The only things I liked in the anime so far were the character developments of metal and shino. I think at that point in the story boruto shouldn't have his eye yet because the manga made it seem like he got it after the fight with momoshiki. And just in general I don't like that the anime plays so much earlier but somehow they are still as strong/stronger than in the manga. I mean look at what naruto could do when he was as old/experienced as boruto in the anime.. He couldn't do anything. I find the plot and the character development of the new character in the manga more interesting, that chubby kid. He's not so random and I find it really interesting that he's the son of the daimyo because that is kind of a parallel to boruto being the hokage's son. The contrast between those two is really interesting I think.

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