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Boruto 21 Manga Release - I'm curious about how long karas been a thing. When we first saw them I was thinking that they were a newish group that formed after the war. But showing ao as a member means they could have been around for awhile depending on when he signed up. Ao has a huge grudge on life itself. He himself is a scientific ninja tool. The only one of his kind. He has a grudge on his existence, why does he deserve to live. He uses that way of life to go against everyone and be rouge. Here's my thoughts on kara: the member's of kara we saw were given their powers to kill gods; boruto and kawaki, on the other hand, have their powers bc theyre god killers. Think about it - we don't see any roman numeral tattoos on kawaki or boruto, but we do on the other insiders, showing a clear difference that was intentionally "Labeled" between the two and the rest. Couple this with the chalkboard scene from the manga and I think we're dealing with humans who were experimented on using otsutsuki dna or powers. The danzo, orochumaru and scientific tools stories all add up to that, and the numerals remind me of how mitsuki was made - multiple attempts until the desired mitsuki was created. Now momoshiki knew when a human killed a god they evolved beyond a normal human, and kara knew of momoshiki and the rest coming to earth. This leads me to think an otsutsuki was either captured in the past or is actually leading kara, building his army with curse mark enhanced individuals and brainwashing strong shinobi rather than the zestu army like kaguya. Toneri knew they were coming as well as kaguya, and he also knew about the tears in reality, fighting to keep them together with his own body. This makes me think he's responsible for the tears, but not directly. I think toneri made jigen and the rest of kara in an attempt to stop the coming otsutsuki threat, only for him to be betrayed. Jigen then creates more reality tears through these kara transgressions and toneri is now up on the moon coughing up blood trying to help stop a threat he accidentally invited to their front door. Would make sense that he's the one communicating with mitsuki and could even be that mitsuki was made through his dna, as his chakra in sage mode is tailed beast like in appearance and function (snakes act like the tails in chakra form). But yeah. Basically kara is an organization made to kill gods, while kawaki and boruto are god killers.

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