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Boruto 12 Manga Release - Sarada seems way more different in her personality now compared to the naruto gaiden manga. She looked like she had so much potential and was probably the best character in the new generation. I hope it's still the case. Also why change her outfit when it has already been designed before ? Not to mention the outfit kishimoto made was way more suitable for ninja mission and she actually looked somewhat cool.? Really liked some of the action shots of sarada, much to my surprise. One thing I didn't like, but did predict: sasuke and boruto didn't tell anyone about the seal on boruto. Despite all the trouble that came from sasuke's own seal, and boruto not being his kid. This is why I don't consider sasuke a good parent, role model, or sensei. At least tell naruto, he's had a seal longer than sasuke, and might actually have some ideas. I would bet anything the card boruto wants is sasuke's genin card. Sarada has inherited her mother's taste in guys, who would have guessed. What was up with shikamaru, I don't think kurenai would approve of him giving mirai second-hand smoke.

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