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Boruto 11 (HOT)
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Boruto 11 Manga Release - Things should start to get really interesting now. I think the reason I wasn't all that pissed with the movie retelling was that I hadn't actually seen the movie. But boruto with a curse mark. Interesting. Hope boruto's desire to make his story his own doesn't end in some backdoor way to some darker path or even to the dark side. Shinki being jealous of boruto reminds me of how sasuke was jealous of his dad after the chunin exam. I knew shinki was related to the sand siblings but didn't know whether or not he was gaara or kankuro's son. Either way, he's shikadai's cousin. Sarada. I really hope the duo behind this doesn't make the same mistake kishi did and ignore the women. I'm not happy that kishi did her mom the way he did and this is a smaller part of my overall issues with his lazier story planning. Still ship boruto and sarada. We know it's gonna happen somehow if they stay alive long enough. Could also see mitsuki and chocho getting together since there was a little something between them in naruto gaiden. Can't wait to see some of the other characters from the old series come back somehow too.

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