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Boruto 15 Manga Release - I really liked this fight. Boruto tried to plan out a strategy to counter shojoji's futon defensive technique, and shojoji was able to use his own tactics to determine how to incapacitate boruto and his four clones without much damage. Tento playing a role in this fight just to prove that shojoji has gravely underestimated the former's strength was the best part. Sarada will probably trained by naruto since she wants to be hokage. And actually according to the sarada can do the same thing boruto did except instead of using normal shurriken, she uses the fuma shurriken. Its what sasuke did in the fight with itachi when they through shurriken at each other and sasuke had that rigged one.

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At least this fat got defeated, he made the tone of this manga way darker than necessary. Hopefully the next arc is going to be better, maybe they'll adapt the nue arc from the anime. I don't think he has sasuke's headband, though. Just the cloak and sword. I think the headband he is wearing is his actual one. Like, it doesn't look like it ties in the back, but that it's a slip-on tl naruto's, boruto's original. I think he will leave the village and go rogue just like his sensei, sasuke and maybe joining some sort of ninja group similar to the akatsuki where he will get his curse mark on hish face or where he will get the experience to evolve the one momoshiki gave him so it expands there and where he will meet kawaki but he repents and gets out just a bit before the destruction of konoha that we see in the flashfoward at the beginning.