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Boruto 13 Manga Release - I think it makes the manga a little darker than the flashy anime. I like the darker atmosphere of the manga more. Also, I think there is way too much unneccessary stuff happening in the anime that I don't really care about. The only things I liked in the anime so far were the character developments of metal and shino. I think at that point in the story boruto shouldn't have his eye yet because the manga made it seem like he got it after the fight with momoshiki. And just in general I don't like that the anime plays so much earlier but somehow they are still as strong/stronger than in the manga. I mean look at what naruto could do when he was as old/experienced as boruto in the anime.. He couldn't do anything. I find the plot and the character development of the new character in the manga more interesting, that chubby kid. He's not so random and I find it really interesting that he's the son of the daimyo because that is kind of a parallel to boruto being the hokage's son. The contrast between those two is really interesting I think.

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The new boruto manga 13 is coming, The latest boruto 13 chapter will be available as soon as they are released by borutomanga. When tentou was first introduced, I thought that he was a mujina – turns out he’s just a rich kid who wants to become a ninja so his father will notice him. Tentou and boruto have a lot in common; however, due to past events boruto has been able to grow as a character and he shares his experience with tentou. “friends” focused on the bond between boruto and tentou because I think the writers want readers to feel something when things go wrong. Tentou is clearly in trouble and, without feeling invested in the character, readers won’t worry about him. Boruto spent the day training tentou. I liked how tentou wanted to pay boruto by giving him a super rare card from extreme ninja scrolls, but our young hero had learned his lesson about cheating.

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Boruto 13 Manga - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

He has grown and now understands the importance of working towards achieving a goal. Nothing much happened in “friends” except for the writers wanting to make tentou come across as a character readers would care about. There were some comedic scenes in the issue. The one where boruto’s harem no jutsu didn’t work on tentou was hilarious because the kid is used to being around beautiful females. The best part of the manga was knowing that shino’s card in extreme ninja scrolls has the lowest rarity. It reminded me of shino’s portrayal in the boruto anime.

Coming to the antagonist that was introduced in the previous issue, shojoji has infiltrated the village and his mission is kidnapping tentou. I hope the next manga issue is action-packed and we get to see boruto and his team beat some bad guys. With shojoji also having the ability of the people he changes into, it’ll be interesting to see how powerful he is. Of course, he’ll still be small fry for powerhouses like naruto, sasuke, and sakura, but as long as he proves to be an entertaining adversary for boruto and his team I won’t complain. I also wouldn’t be surprised if tentou ends up throwing a shuriken during the battle after being trained by boruto.