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The Boruto 36 chapter discussion! First of all jigen was kaguya's partner when she came to earth. But was he also affected by kaguya's initial infinite tsukuyomi? Was he also saved by hagoromo and hamura? Much like kaguya, it seems that jigen is not so interested in the otsusuki's affairs and has his own mind set. Also, where was he during the 4th war when the whole world turned to ash? Again, was he affected by it? Considering his power level and the fact that he usually is outer-dimension, I doubt it. But what was he going to do afterwards? Fight madara or roided-up kaguya on his own? And how comes that black zetsu didn't know about it? And where did the second ten-tails come from? Did jigen somehow only release him from chibaku tensei? Is it just another god tree turned into a beast? We know for sure that the other bijuu from earth are save, otherwise naruto would know about it. And I wonder about the connection of strength of a hundred seal and karma. I guess karma is somehow based on the same concept of storing huge ammount of power not necessary chakra over time. On a sidenote, at least from what we saw, jigen's original form looks dope.

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Read the latest update of boruto 36 chapter in borutomanga. It was nice to see Kurama tell Kawaki about Naruto's past. Sasuke arrived at an unknown location in which he also saw holograms of Kinshiki Otsutsuki , Momoshiki Otsutsuki, and Kaguya Otsutsuki and an another unknown Otsutsuki. Sasuke saw a new tailed beast in a cage. Any moment from now, boruto 36 spoiler and boruto 36 manga scans will came out of course thanks to reddit and mangahelpers forum for boruto 36 raw and borutomanga for the boruto 36 English scans.
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The new tailed beast resembles the Ten Tails. Jigen also arrived at the same unknown location. Jigen then absorbed chakra from this tailed beast and for a while his appearance resembled the unknown Otsutsuki. Jigen also intends to meet with the Kāma vessels Boruto and Kawaki. Boruto calls Kawaki his brother. Interestingly there is a connection of somekind between Kāma Seal and Strength of a Hundred Seal that Tsunade uses. Perhaps the Strength of a Hundred Seal jutsu is an ancient Uzumaki clan jutsu that is similar to much more ancient Otsutsuki clan Fūinjutsu. Even if the ancient Uzumakis were not aware of this fact themselves. This is possible because the Uzumaki are decentant's of Kaguya and the Uzumakis were Fūinjutsu masters that could even summon spirits the Shinigami and spirits of the dead with their amazing Fūinjutsu skills. So they could have rediscovered accidentally a similar jutsu to one that their ancestors the Otsutsuki use. I think that Jigen and the new tailed beast that we saw in this chapter were originally the same entity, the unknown Otsutsuki whose hologram we saw. Jigen is the Kāma vessel for the unknown Otsutsuki's spirit and will and the tailed beast is a chakra entity that the unknown Otsutsuki created from his own chakra before his original body was destroyed. Jigen intends that the tailed beast eats him after completing the vessel. I think that Jigen's goal is to recreate the original body of the unknown Otsutsuki whose body was destroyed for an unknown reason.