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Boruto 20 Manga Release - I actually would have preferred the 'Ao' we see in boruto to be someone in disguise, acting like the real ao that would die in the war that survived in the war. But, hey if there's a good backstory and reason that I can't actually think about him being evil, then I won't be against the idea. Wonder how soon boruto's respect for the guy fell down, as soon as konohamaru told him he was known as the "Byakugan killer." And anyways, if Ao was always evil from that start, that means in the war, shouldn't naruto sense that negative emotion with his nine tails chakra mode? And that leads to asking, kara was present even at the time of obito's and madara's rampage/war. Even when he was going to use a forever illusipn into the minds of the people, kara just sat back and allowed it to happen, or were they in the war, and the war caused them to form this group. I really think the assistant of that scientist is a double agent. Probably she has the vessel if it's a thing, or not moving. Just wish this manga was long enough. And was that really a mini gun in ao's hand? Lol wonder how that's work with the byakugan. And it seems Ao's gonna fight the whole new team 7 with the science guy. Well I guess he's gonna be pretty strong to make the fight interesting.

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Guns really, really make it a bit too much. I suspect that with all these crazy ninja technology, a non ninja could even start a revolution. Maybe, it's the people themselves that used the tech to destroy konoha? Considering, and there is now high potentiel for a ninja tech bomb to destroy a village now, unlike the old ways where you have to almighty push it. Though, I don't know how they actually started this idea. I mean, did they have a meeting about this show, on how to make it different from naruto, and one of them just had the idea, "Hey, what about guns?! Guns are cool!" since sumire was an anime introduced character, and started to be shown in the manga with a big enough role and the fact that the manga mentioned the arc at which boruto goes to a school trip with his friends. I think it would be a bit illogical for them not to exist in the manga. And taking sumire started being a staff for that science guy, which obviously means her teammates arent with her. All of them probably went to their own paths, which would be ninjas or just going as regular people. Cause ninjas are gonna get more and more useless with tech coming up.