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Boruto 22 Manga Release - The next chapter could again be fighting oriented since ao isn't fully captured yet and there's a big chance that he has something hidden up his sleeves. I really hope they give us even a like bit useful info to us in the next chapter and not make it completely fight oriented. Team 7 and konohamaru coming up with a plan to take down ao. While I do have issues with the pacing, I really liked the battle strategy and how it was executed. Even katasuke was able to provide some useful information which boruto was able to use against ao. I noticed the same thing I always do. Ikemoto has a habit of wasting panels. I don’t know if that’s his actual style or if he’s just wasting pages to slow down the pacing even more. A lot of the scenes could’ve been easily shown in a few panels instead of spreading them out. The fight sequence was enjoyable, with team 7 and konohamaru working together. However, the fact that ao’s ninjutsu-absorbing device didn’t break even after being hit by salad’s punch and boruto’s rasengan didn’t look right to me. Either that device’s durability is off the charts, or our young heroes have grown weaker for some reason. The reason could even be ‘because-the-plot-demanded-it’ at this point.

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Read Boruto chapter 22 online No download or registration required at BorutoManga. Boruto attempts to hit Ao with a final move, but Ao decides to show his Byakugan. He uses to dodge and counter back with a powerful hit. But before he can land the hit, Konohamaru sneak attacks him. Koji has become impatient and checks out what's going on and finds them battling. Annoyed, Koji berates Ao and joins the battle. The vessel unexpectedly shows up at the battlefield. It gets scared and runs away. Koji realizes he needs to finish this fight. He sends Ao after it. Koji doesn't let the ninja team chase after the vessel. He uses his flame jutsu to attempt to burn the characters. Katasuke goes and blocks the attack with his armor, but it doesn't protect him and he's severely burned. What do you think that is going to happen in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations next chapter? Share with us your thoughts and predictions for the chapter 22 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga.
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Ao trump card is the Byakugan and with equiping secret modified technology. Ao changes the tide of the battle to his advantage but with team 7 struggles, they manage to overcome the obstacles inflicting heavy blow on Ao with the effort of teamwork. Katasuke makes appearance to congratulate Team 7 for beating Ao. Yet the unexpected turn of event is when Ao is still standing with his tricks up in his sleeve. Boruto and the others didn't have time to react with low on stamina. In the process of all this, Katasuke was killed. Boruto was physically drained incapable of doing anything as he stand idly doing nothing while Ao continues to topple Konohamaru team.This prompt Boruto to unleash his curse seal.