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Boruto 17 Manga Release - Kawaki is this vessel that kara is looking for and ran away and is now taking refuge in the hidden leaf. There he will learn ninjutsu and befriend boruto. I don't think konohamaru is going to get completely wreaked I feel like this is going to be a chance for us to see just how strong he's gotten over the years in a real, full on fight. So I see him getting some injuries yes because this is a new villain he's facing and he doesn't know what their powers are, but still, I feel that after seeing konohamaru being able to summon a toad in boruto anime that maybe he's gotten the ability to access sage mode and in that state he can do more powerful attacks like he can make bigger fire style attacks since fire style justu are used a lot by members of the sautobi clan. This also makes sense because the member of kara that came and confronted konohamaru, kochi, he also has fire style jutsu as we know so far so we have two powerful fire style users who might have two different ways to increase their power and show what they got. But to me, personally, I see konohamaru being able to stand his ground for a little while even getting the upper hand at times, but eventually he gets weakened and then just before kochi can make the killing blow naruto or boruto comes in and saves him. I think that whatever "Kara" is they'll have to have enough ability and manpower to fight against the shinobi alliance and not just the hidden leaf. Its hard for me to imagine someone wrecks the hidden leaf and gaara, chojuro and the others are just like "Eh not my problem." so whatever they have going on they'll need to be strong enough to beat out all shinobi period.

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Read Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 17 Chapter English Subbed In HD Quality online. Well, well that assassin guy has my attention now the flames of "Samadhi" has me intrigued as to what it was and what are his skill-sets since "Samadhi" in hindi means point of extreme concentration or divinity achieved from extremely hard devotion or perseverance. Boruto chapter 17 can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date.

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Boruto 17 Chapter : I believe that boruto will ask sasuke to train him even further, letting sasuke know about the existence of his jougan. Furthermore, I don't think kara has any interest in the tailed beasts. I think they are after something even more powerful. Hmmmm, this is getting interesting. Very nice, especially the talk between the members of that kara group, the main guy who was sitting down really reminded me of pain with his cold attitude. It also looks like they don't play around as they already axed one of their own for the failure. Also looks like there's more of the main members of the group, they just couldn't attend the meeting. Looking forward to seeing them as well.

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Also kara shouldn't job to anyone and konohamaru needs to either school someone then get ganged upon or job and come back later in series for a rematch. A breath of fresh air seeing naruto using a jutsu he doesn't normally use. Things are really becoming interesting in the manga. I just wish the art style wasn't hard to look at though. At first I assumed it a jutsu stored in the device just like boruto's, but it seems that device can't do that. I'm very surprised (and glad) to see naruto being a more well rounded ninja as a hokage, he stayed as a one or two trick pony even after many timeskips and it made me assume he still was one as of now.