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Boruto 25 Manga Release - Kashin koji and delta, who are the inners are getting involved now. Team 7 clearly not in their league. I'm expecting sasuke came to rescue them, only he can do that. Of course the kara will not let the vessel slipped away. Or a bunch of jounin from the old generation will make a comeback. Kara is not an easy task. It even take several jounin to take on a member of the akatsuki. Quite interesting to see on what coming next. I'm dying to see confrontation between sasuke and the inners. This manga definitely had a different vibe and jigen has a cool design, as a matter a fact all the kara designs are amazing. Now the fights that are gonna come is gonna be interesting. I don't know if the creators are gonna do it but sarada at teen years vs delta is gonna be amazing. Now boruto vs kawaki is gonna be definitely a badass fight if the creators are going this hard. This new autor ukyou kodachi must have had some wicked ideas that would blow naruto out of the water and for kishi to allow him to continue his legacy must mean kishi himself is convinced by this idea. Yes, as a very hardcore critique of boruto, I can see it has more potential than any ongoing manga at the moment. And damn eternal hokage and his logical analysis for convincing me to start loving this boruto character.

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Read Boruto chapter 25 online No download or registration required at BorutoManga. What do you think that is going to happen in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations next chapter? Share with us your thoughts and predictions for the chapter 25 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga. The fact that sasuke will train them I mean the guy is really busy tho and kawaki will be asked a lot of questions tho before he can be friend with boruto don’t forgot about mitsuki relationship with boruto he see boruto as his sun probably we will see more infos about kashin koji. Boruto is now directly link to the otsutsuki and kara and I'm sure sasuke is the only one who atleast can track the otsutsuki's. If he goes rogue it will eventually probably be with kawaki but after sasuke dies and he gets his sword, I hope they don't join kara cuz I don't want a akatsuki parallel. But I think think if they do go rougue they would have to hide in another dimension. Maybe boruto will be able to make his own dimension eventually because other wise naruto will be able to track them with sage mode.
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Streach to the maximum level. Delta and jigen are one and the same, delta is jigens female side while jigen is deltas male side, but at the end they are a soul that detached into two to create balance. Great chapter. 30 days is too long a wait. And my fear is how the anime handles the gap with the manga. Also, am I the only one who kept reading garou’s speech bubbles with dark knight bane’s voice. Very similar headgears too. I feel like kawaki is another sasuke in terms of naiveness, angst anger and not listening. I understand that his past made him like that seeing he was being beaten by his father and I used to be a little asshole myself at that age but man, I hated him the moment he started speaking. It seems very likely that the marks/seals are from killing members of kaguyas clan as described in this panel from last chapter.